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Time and Date Calculator 3.2

Time and Date Calculator 3.2: A powerful and easy to use date time related calculator, counter and converter. Time and Date Calculator is a powerful and easy to use date / time related calculator, counter and converter. It has 5 main purposes: Calculate target date & time by adding/subtracting some time elements (months, days, hours...) based on a specified time. Calculate time differences between two times. Count days of week/weekdays/weekends between two dates. Convert between each time element. Calculate/convert between UNIX Time and Calendar.

Time Calculator 1.1: Add, minus, divide and multiply time values.
Time Calculator 1.1

Time Calculator is a useful little utility to perform arithmetic on time units. Unlike `regular` calculations, time values are different. Adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying time units can be a tedious task. Not anymore! With Time Calculator, you can do all those things easily using a graphical interface that looks just like a calculator. It`s an excellent and useful addition to your software utility collection.

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Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000: Advanced Date and Time Calculator
Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000

Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals in just a few clicks. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number, day of year, etc), moon phase information, birth date calculator, due date calculator, and much more!

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TimeCalcPro 3.12: TimeCalcPro is an easy time and date calculator with many features.
TimeCalcPro 3.12

TimeCalcPro is an easy and powerful time and date calculator with many features. It adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides units of time, adds and subtracts AM/PM times, finds the difference between dates and times, lets you add and subtract from a starting date, and has a spreadsheet for calculating timecard totals and overtime. Its five calculator interfaces are simple to use, and offer many options.

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Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0: Calculate time between 2 date/times, or date/time a given time from a date/time
Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0

Time Difference Calculator will calculate the number of days, hours, and minutes between two dates and times. Just input two dates and times (such as Dec. 10, 2000 11:49 PM and 12/25/07 7:33 AM) and Time Difference Calculator will display the time difference. It will display this difference both as days, hours, and minutes and entirely as hours and minutes. Time Difference Calculator can also calculate the date and time X hours and Y minutes before

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Timestimator 1.7: Calculate deadlines and assign time periods with an advanced date calculator
Timestimator 1.7

time periods with an advanced date calculator. Timestimator carries out advanced time and date calculations with ease, presenting you exact times, dates, and periods at a glance. With Timestimator, worldwide logistics becomes easier to manage thanks to the ability to calculate time periods precisely - no matter where in the world the parties are located. How long is your flight that departs 10 a.m. local time and lands 7:30 p.m. local time in a different

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Desktop Dozen 5.00

Desktop Dozen is an award-winning collection of 12 business-oriented productivity tools. Includes Postage Calculator, Time Calculator, Date Calculator, Alarm Clock, Area Code Finder, Zip Code Finder, Astronomy Calculator, State Abbreviation Tool, Perpetual Calendar, Measurement Converter, Stopwatch, Printing Calculator. You have the option to view them as skinned windows, or with the standard Windows interface. Very handy and a great value!

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